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Christmas Super Hero

December 21


I have two grandsons. Lucas is three and Kaleb is one. To the three year old, everything is make believe, play acting, and super heroes. He is also not content to do this on his own. He has convinced me to be everything from a frog to a ninja and poor baby brother usually gets stuck with the role of "bad guy". Goodness! Some Sundays during this Covid pandemic, I have the privilege of having the boys while their parents go to church or work. So we have our own version of Sunday School complete with crafts, songs, and lessons that of course have to be acted out. The story of David and Goliath is the all-time favorite at this point. Lucas of course gets to be "Daven" and I am "Woliah" because I'm the tallest one. And somehow in his version of this story a Blue Ninja always shows up at the end to finish the battle. Ha! We will eventually have to get that under control. He loves this story so much that that every time they visit we watch the video multiple times and play act the story line. As Christmas approached, I wanted to make sure I taught them the real Christmas story. But I was wondering how to get them engaged. I mean, unless there is good guy and bad guy and a sword it's hard to hold their attention. I remember thinking to myself, "How do I turn the gentle entrance of baby Jesus into a story of super hero proportions?"

That thought went through my head and then turned my stomach. Are you kidding me? If there was EVER a story of a super hero this is it. Jesus left a perfect world on a rescue mission to our world. He came to live as one of us so for a long time He did not draw attention to himself. He choose a humble entry rather than a crown or a cape. And like all heroes… the world didn't recognize Him. Eventually it was time for him to crush evil. He gave His life to buy our freedom and then demolished the rules of this world with His resurrection. Jesus… MY HERO!


Matthew 1:21

And she will have a son, and you are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.

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