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Every year I try to do a different yard display for Christmas. My Charlie Brown and Lucy cutouts are often part of the scene but always doing something different. This year, my sister - who is an antique picker- posted a picture of this black box on her news feed for sale. It was just too good to pass up.

It sat in my garage for a while. I would walk out and look at it and try to imagine what it might be. Finally I thought how fun it would be to fill it with goodies for people to pick up as they drive by during the days leading up to Christmas. Hmmm, but what would I fill it with?

I like things to be both fun and meaningful. (Just ask my adult kids who will roll their eyes and surely agree) So here is what I have decided.

Each day leading up to Christmas day this box will have three things in it. First, a note like this to encourage you, Second, a Christmas color page or craft for kids, and finally - edible treats. These things will be prepared by myself and a few of my friends. We are already busy writing and deciding what to bake.

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