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  • Lana McCauley

Shoes... whaaat???

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

December 7


The following story did not happen at Christmas time. But at Christmas, when we are gathered and reminiscing family memories, this one often comes up.

In the early 70's my dad took a job transfer that moved our family from Pa. to WV. This was a good move for our family but financially we still lived paycheck to paycheck. So when my dad's company went on strike about a year into this move things were financially rough. My mom was a " stay at home mom" and there was no saving to tap into. My dad worked the picket line for $25 a week and got a part-time school bus driver job. But these two thing barely covered the house payment, $175 at the time, let alone the other bills and expenses.

One thing my parents did have was a strong faith in Christ. So they did their part working, being good stewards and they continued to give out of their own need because they truly believed that what we did have came from the Lord to begin with. As they prayed and trusted the Lord guess what... He provided. Every month( for several months) every bill was paid and on time and we never went to bed hungry. There were a couple meals that were " creative" and I chose to not eat them but, there was food. Cards would come in the mail with money, a couple times I remember strangers gave my parents money and would say " I don't know why I am supposed to give this to you, but..." Crazy!

I was about 12 yrs old at this time and there is a personal memory that really impacted me. I was in desperate need for new shoes. My "school shoes" we're falling apart and there just wasn't any extra money for something like that. So my mom encouraged me to talk to the Lord and tell Him the need. And I did.

Several days later I was getting out of the car in a parking lot with a chain link fence along the one side. It was a windy day with litter and leaves blowing around and up against the fence. As I walked watching stuff blow around something caught my eye and I followed it to the fence. And there it was... a $20 bill. Wow, my 12 yr old mind was shocked. God did it, He got me shoe money. It's not how I would have thought He'd provide but He did it. Talk about excited and thankful! God sees, hears and cares for our needs.

Christmas is one of the milestones in God’s grand rescue mission to mankind. He saw what we needed and He provided Jesus.


Philippians 4:19

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus

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