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T'was the WEEK before Christmas

(originally performed as a comedy drama) T'was the week before Christmas and all through the house

Everyone was fussing, even Stuart the pet mouse

The stockings were hung by the chimney alright

But the kids didn’t notice as they continued to fight

They argued and complained and wouldn’t go to be

While visions of presents danced in their heads

When from the next room there arose such a clatter

I sprang from me seat to see what was the matter

Away down the hall I flew like flash

I saw dad and the Christmas tree come down with a crash

He declared from the floor amongst the new fallen mess

“Oh what I would give for one day of rest”

The twinkling sparks of the shorted out lights

Made it difficult to see if all was alright

Then what to my wondering eyes should appear

He had broken my favorite ornament that we put up every year

With his mind moving fast so lively and quick

I knew in a moment he was planning a fix

More rapid than eagles his ideas they came

And he spit and stuttered avoiding the blame

"Dangnabit, Drat, Dingbat, and Phooey

Knucklehead, Beans, Hooey, and Kerpluey"

From the front of the porch and all down the hall

I hollered and stammered about that broken Christmas ball

Then just like a bird that moves through the sky

From beyond the window something caught my eye

I leaned over the sill and put my nose to the glass

And I saw these huge snowflakes fall and cover the grass

And then in a twinkling I saw without fail

It wasn’t just snow, it was coming down hail!

So I said to myself as I was turning around

"We’re really stuck, completely home bound"

So I said to the family while trying to stay sane

"There’s just no way to travel in this freezing rain

We have to stay home, we’ll find something to do"

But I have to admit, I hadn’t a clue

There was still this one box of decorations to unpack

A candle, a wreath, and I think some knick knacks

So I opened the box and started to sift

Through all sorts of old things and a few forgotten gifts.

There was a Christmas toy soldier, and a Santa teddy bear

The toy soldier was stiff and Santa was losing hair

And what was this way down on the bottom

Something quite old and obviously forgotten

I took out the small wrapping, and blew off the dust

And out fell a mothball and a handful of rust

I carefully opened this thing I had found

Ever so gently, not making a sound

It was an antique nativity, we hadn’t seen this in a while

And I started to put it back in the pile

Then a still small voice stopped me right in my tracks

And I knew in a moment I could not put it back

For here was Christmas in this worn out old scene

And I was reminded what Christmas does mean

I saw Mary and Joseph with their heads bowed to pray

Right next to baby Jesus, snuggled up in the hay

This is Christmas, not decorations and gifts

And the change in my heart was mighty and swift

And then without warning, a tear filled my eye

For I knew in my home that things were awry

We had forgotten about Jesus in our Christmas plans

Until he reminded me right here, in my hands

So we gathered together and prayed to the Lord

And the true spirit of Christmas He graciously restored

And I know that we heard him as we turned out the lights

"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night."

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