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  • Doug Kiley

What IF?

December 15


What if Christmas was about more than a magical display of a thousand tiny points of light; casting their warmth upon the soft blanket of snow that has fallen on the limbs and ground below? Would it be more romantic?

What if Christmas was about more than 50% off and long lines with people not so full of Holiday cheer? Would it be less stressful or less chaotic?

What if Christmas was about more than childhood memories of sleeping under the Christmas tree at night with the glow of the fireplace on your back? Would it be more heart warming?

What if Christmas was about more than “Just what I’ve always wanted!”?Would it be more permanent?

What if Christmas was about more than racing to see the brightly wrapped presents under the Christmas tree?

Would it be more anticipatory?

What if Christmas was about the giving and receiving of one priceless gift that everyone could have? Would it be life changing?

What if Christmas was about a loving father that wanted nothing more than to be able to gather his children in his arms, hold them close to his chest, and wipe away all their hurt and sorrow? What if he was willing to give up everything, including himself, in order to do it? What if it was just a celebratory day to remember the birth of a man that tried to teach people to be humble and loving; a man that made extraordinary claims about who he was and where he came from; a man that was hated by people he loved; a man that claimed he and his heavenly father were internally and eternally one and the same and not of this world; or a man that loved so deeply, that he voluntarily walked to his death in order to save people from themselves and for himself?

Would Christmas then be more meaningful?

What if it were true? Would it be worth knowing more about? How could it not be worth knowing more about?


Alpha Everywhere is a weekly gathering with a video talk and open conversations that explore some of life’s biggest questions in a fun, non-judgmental, and friendly environment. It’s perfect for skeptics, anyone with major doubts and hurts, and those who simply want to talk about real issues and have honest conversations.



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